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Friday, May 1, 2009

*le sigh*

Well here we are... nearly a month into my attempt to quit smoking and all is going well. I really have not have a desire to smoke anymore though I do get an urge now and again. On the down side I have been eating more. I know it's just a replacement for the cigarettes but I can't seem to help myself. One would think that since I had the willpower to just put the smokes down I can do the same with the over eating, right? I don't think so. I am not sure what screw I need to tighten down in my skull but I need to find it fast. Anyone have any ideas on how to help with this?

I am now a few weeks into my Copaxone therapy. The injections don't hurt as much (Most likely due to my changing the depth setting on the auto injector) but they are not pleasant either. That I can live with. Now, since about the 4th or 5th day of the injections I have started feeling better. No, not better... great. I feel better now than I have in years. I have more energy and I really am eager to do more than sit in front of the computer or watch tv. I know the smoking thing has something to do with this but the therapy is a huge player in this. People I know with MS and my doctors told me that once I started the therapy I would feel this way. They were not kidding. I have been having some problems with sleeping but not really any more so than before I started the drug. I will have to wait and see how that plays out.

Well, what have I been doing with all this extra energy you might wonder? Yard work with a skosh of house work thrown in for good measure. Cutting grass, cutting down trees, burning piles of grass and limbs, trimming bushes and trees, weed eating.... I could go on but you get the idea. The yard looks better now than it has in years. There was a guy here a few days ago to cut down a dead tree (too close to important, pricey, stuff for me to take a chance with it) and he commented on how great the whole yard looked. *smile* I actually did some more stuff this morning but I broke the weed eater and the edging tool. I decided not to risk running the chainsaw today on the off chance bad things happened to it as well. I still finished trimming three trees, picking up all the limbs and pine cones that fell in the last few days as well as edging about half of the driveway (notice I said half).

Now if I can only find a job. I was laid off from Cooper Tire at the end of march. With my severance I am still getting a paycheck each week through May 15th (meaning my insurance is paid up through May 29th) so I am still ok for a couple more weeks. I have interviewed at several places but either I just didn't get the job or they only had part time spots open. Now I don't want to sound like an ungrateful bore but my unemployment, when it kicks in, will be about $320 a week. Why would I take a part time gig for maybe $90-$100 a week when the unemployment pays out better. I guess I am going to have to seriously start looking outside of georgia. I have submitted my resume to a lot of places through monster and career builder but so far nothing. I am going to have to find something soon. I really don't want to try to survive at all off unemployment. I would rather be working. Anyone have any leads?!

Well, I guess I will go do some laundry now (only one load to do right now) and maybe clean the bathroom... again. Laters!!

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