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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MS, research paper and me

Well, two updates in two days... is this a sign of the apocalypse? I hope not.

I am working on a research paper for my English Comp class. I am going to write about MS and how cognitive abilities are affected. I am confident that I will be able to write about this. I have my outline (Had to pare it down from 4 pages to 2 since the paper has a max length of 7 pages) and started researching some of the information at the National MS Society website. I may be able to pull a good deal of the information from their site which will be nice. They have some links to some additional very helpful information.

If anyone is reading this that could point out some resources they would recommend then please post them in the comments and I will follow up on them. The paper is due in about two weeks so I will have to get on the ball with this one.

On a side note I skipped algebra class today. I just didn't want to put up with the stress of that class today. This is sad because that is the class I am having the most trouble with. I will pay for it tomorrow though.

I did a presentation in English Comp today. It was on a excerpt from Dick Gregory's autobiography. I felt good about that and it went well. Everyone spoke highly about my work. People keep suggesting that I should be a teacher. I have told them there are only two things stopping me; too much education and the fact I hate people (The last one is a joke in case you don't get it).

I like teaching and it was certainly the best part of all the jobs I have ever worked at. Heck, even when I used to teach Sunday School I would go nuts prepping everything for the classes. I just loved it. Maybe... If I didn't have to go to all the trouble of getting a real education I could see myself as a teacher. It would be fun I guess.

Oh well, enough goofing around. I need to go study my math. I can't do it here at the coffee shop so I guess I will pack up and head home. At least there I can put on my jammies and get all comfy and what not. :)

Later all!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Why am I here?

I am not sure anyone even bothers to stop by but to be honest I would not blame people. I just don't post on here near often enough. I have the best of intentions but my follow through is a wee bit lacking.

Anyhoodles, multiple sclerosis update. The Copaxone therapy seems to be really working well. I do have some not so great days. It usually is me being tired and not wanting to do anything but wallow in self pity. There is some pain that comes and goes with the feeling poorly but nothing outrageous. I did notice the other day that the right side of my jaw was a little bit numb (numby?) but that was only for about 48 hours. All in all I would have to say things are still far better now than they were 6 months ago. I am still having a problem with my memory and recall abilities. It seems like I can commit things to memory but I have the devil of a time recalling them later. To be more specific my algebra work at school.

Oh, since I last updated I am in a program to help workers laid off due to jobs moving overseas. They are paying for my schooling so I am back in college for the next two years.

Ok, so I am having a hard time dredging up the info I need to do well on my tests. It's in there but just so hard to recall. It is like it takes my brain 15-20 minutes to get in gear. This is bad when you only have an hour to take a test. I am having a rough time with it. On the upside I finished my A-Term American Government class with a 92 (yay for the A) so I will now have some more time to channel into the algebra. I hope it helps.

Lets see, I am still not smoking. This is great. I am, however, still eating everything in sight. This is not great. I am trying to be more responsible about the food thing but I am failing miserably at it. I am thinking I am going to staple my mouth shut for a week and see what happens. I need to start walking. That would be a huge help but here in South Georgia in the summertime it is horrible. Hot and humid making it miserable on me. Grrrrr, I need to stop finding reasons to not walk and exercise. Someone call me at 4am and make me get my arse in gear!!! lol

Lets see. OH! A friend of mine has gone to Tennessee on a mission program for her church (at least I think that is what it is for). She left on Saturday but I have the address where she will be at. I sent her a letter today and since she won't be there until Wednesday it should be waiting for her upon her arrival.

Sadly with her gone the coffee shop[ is down to one female worker. Don't get me wrong now, the one that is left (I call her Freckles) is wonderful but that only leaves one person to flirt with while I am waiting at the counter for my coffee. On another sad note she will be returning to school in the fall so then there will be none. I would like to think we are friends but I get the feeling she thinks I want something more. I don't.

I used to be a real loner but that has changed. Since my mom passed from cancer, my youngest brother diagnosed with terminal cancer, and my diagnosis with MS I have changed. I would rather have a lot of people in my life who are nothing more than friends, people I have something in common with.... hell, we don't even have to have something in common. People my own age just aggravate me around here. They are interested in drinking and partying. They are closed minded bigots or sexist pigs or "Real Housewives of New Jersey" wannabes. Most of them make me want to puke.

I had a discussion before class this morning with some young kids. I told them my philosophy on life.

Life is too short to be spending time worrying about the small stuff. Hating because of the color of someones skin, their gender or even their religious beliefs is stupid and self defeating. I may disagree with their point of view but I still respect them. I don't hate people I don't know and even those I do know I, at most, dislike. We have a very finite amount of time to do what we are meant to do and to spend that time in any endeavor other than what we are supposed to do leaves life unfinished. For us and the world.

I don't know if they really agree or were just saying they did to appease the old guy. I hope they really do feel that way because until the people in control of this world do we are all in for a world of pain and suffering.

Ok, I am going to get off my soapbox now and return you to your regularly scheduled internet. Take care all and lets hope for an update sooner than a month or two from now!