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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Done with finals and teaching?

For those that are playing the home game I took the last of my finals today. I aced the history exam and did well enough on the math exam. The tally is as follows:

American Government: A
American History after 1877: A
Algebra: C
English: Not a frickin clue

My English grade is the only hold out. She still has not posted anything and as of about 10 minutes ago no response to my email requesting my final grade. Personally I feel like I should have an 'A' in that class but who knows. That class was some kind of freaky. When you get a test with the URL from where it was printed still at the bottom that's not too bad. When the URL reads, then you begin to worry about the grading system. My research paper was very good and the presentation I did was well received by the class. If you don't know or can't recall it was on MS and the effects chronic fatigue and cognitive fog on college students (me). Several of my classmates requested copies of the paper and everyone else who read it thought it was very good. We shall see but I am itching to know what my grade was.

Once again I was told I should be a teacher. My History instructor is the new one here. Everyone, even some of my classmates I helped, feels I would be very good at it. I just don't want to go through all that crap for the BA minimum you need for primary education. Not that I could not do it, I just don't want to. I want to get in to a cushy job working on computers and computer networks (maybe security but I don't know for sure yet) and not work too hard.


Perhaps. I would be a good teacher. I have been for years in most of the jobs I held. Maybe I will revisit this after I graduate in 2011. Maybe.

So what else, OH! I am tormenting my nephew. In fact, when I get done and post this I think I will go get him with a squirt bottle of cold water. He went to bed 30 minutes ago. muwahahahahahahahaha <gasp> hahahahahahahahahaha!

Ok, I need to go shoot up now. And further torment my young relative. Then go to bed cause dammit I'm tired.

Later taters!!


Kimberly said...

You rocked! Congrads! I'm sure you have noting to worry about with your English grade. I'm impressed that you did so well being newly diagnosed and having the "brain fog". Kudo's to you!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I hope your tormenting went really well, that you got an A in English, AND that you decide to become a teacher because misery loves company.

(Just kidding...I love my job. I love summer vacation MORE, but I do love my job.)

Rae said...

Hi Mike,
I found your blog through Tara at Living day to day with MS. You have some great stuff posted here on your blog. I too suffer with MS and Diabetes so I understand where you are coming from. I am adding myself as a follower to your blog. Stop by my blog for a visit sometime.

Have Myelin? said...

Shoot up...LOL. I love that line. Gotta go shoot up. I'm gonna borrow or steal it.

And yes you would make a great teacher! Go for it!