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Walkin After Midnight.
Patsy Cline is still one of my favorite artists and
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi to everyone....

I just wanted to say hello and welcome to those of you that decided to follow my blog, posted comments and/or just stopped by for a read. I am happy that you found something here you like well enough to come by. Feel free to ask any questions you want as I am quite open about who I am. If you find something of particular interest then pass it along and I will check it out. We all enjoy a hearty laugh, a soul cleansing cry or just a "what the hell?" moment.

I will be glad to add to mylist of favorite sites and things I think you should check out. There is a lot i would like to do with this blog but I am not sure that blogspot will be able to let me (Pictures, text documents, etc.). For a techie guy I am pretty green when it comes to the web and the blogosphere. Maybe if I were to take the time and read the help sectionm I will find that I can do all of that here.

Wow. Reading for myself: What a concept!! rofl :)

Anyway, I am trying hard to avoid working on my paper for english comp but I cn't put it off any longer. Take care everyone and remember one unflappable truth:

Love is not finding the things you like about a person but accepting the things you don't like.


PS: Lonliness sucks!


Denver Refashionista said...

The love quote gives me food for thought. It will help me remember to give my husband the same allowances I give others.

Mike said...

Pass it along. Maybe we can start a trend.... tee hee hee!