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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My two cents (Other thoughts never made it)....

As I sit here at the coffee shop drinking my Vanilla-Hazelnut Latte I am looking at some of the information floating around about the MJ memorial service. I am going to add my two cents in and then never speak of it again.

** WARNING: This paragraph will contain language some people may find offensive. Don't read it if you can't handle profanity. I will delete any and all comments referencing my use of profanity. I have the innate ability to wield profanity like Michelangelo wielded paint and I am not afraid to do it. **

I can appreciate that MJ made some great music. Pretty much everything after Thriller was shit. Looked like it, smelled like it and prolly felt like it. He went off the deep end a long time ago and never found his way back. Did he molest kids? To be honest I dunno though I personally think he was a child molesting fucktard. At this time the point is moot. With all of that being said the media, and the public at large judging by the various blog/news story comments, have turned this whole thing into a complete fucking circus. I have given up watching the news because every 10 minutes there is going to be another story about MJ or his mom or his will or his kids or his brothers or his doctors or his possible addictions or his last rehearsal or his music or his coffin or his life or... what the fuck people?!?! Bin laden didn't get this much press in 2001! Say your goodbyes, shed your tears but for the love of all that is holy and right shut the fuck up. We have far more pressing concerns to occupy our time and we really should be focusing on them.

** End rant - Returning you to your regularly scheduled internet. **


Denver Refashionista said...

LOL. All the MJ news is keeping them from reporting some of the scary real shit that's going on. North Korea launched a missle our way. There are ethnic clashes in the North of China. Things in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are a mess but who cares when we can learn all about MJ any time?

Anyway, I'm hooked on your blog so keep writing. I have a feeling we are poles apart but I can find something to relate to here still and I love your honesty.

BTW, just read Blindbeard's blog if you think you have the monopoly on "bad language."

Mike said...

I have been over to Blindbeard's. It was, in fact, one of the first blogs I found. Humor and honesty goes a long way in my book.

I have been trying to be less colorful with my language skills but from time to time I find it quite impossible. In fact I had a regressive moment on the phone with the doctor's office the other day. After I hung I felt so bad that I had to call back and apologize. I don't know if she believed I was sincere so I will probably apologize every time I talk to her or go in the office.

Ok, back to school work. I need to finish my research paper for English Comp. Laters!! :)