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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New cereal... yummy or is it all lies?

Welcome back (and just welcome if this is your first time here)!

I was looking for something to write about and then I remembered my cereal. Cereal you ask? Why yes, cereal. Now I know what you are thinking... I think I know what you are thinking but lets just throw it out there and see. You are thinking, "DO NOT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!" You would not be totally wrong to think that but that will be for when I talk about the movie Poltergeist.

I was browsing through my local grocery chain's health food section and found myself sorely disappointed. Now I am certainly not a nutritional expert but I am thinking that a case of exlax, 40 rolls of extra-strength charmin, and an industrial size box of depends just doesn't qualify. I could be wrong... yea, and bats the size of geese might fly out of my arse!

So I decided to look for a healthy cereal. For those of you who have been around for more than 20 years you might recall that the cereal isle was maybe 20 feet long and consisted of around a dozen selections with shredded wheat and grape nuts as the "healthy" alternative. Otherwise the choice was usually some type of chocolate frosted sugar bomb (Borrowed from Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes - opens in a new window) that parents did not mind feeding you. Ah, those were the days. I can remember it like it was yesterday.... oh, sorry. Started daydreaming for a moment there.

Where was I? OH! A new cereal. Anyway, I was perusing the cereal isle when I came across this new (says it is on the box even) cereal made by this health food company that starts with a 'K' and rhymes with Tashi. It is a plain looking brown cardboard box, green background art on the front, and the name of it. The name is 7 WHOLE GRAIN FLAKES & GRANOLA WITH BLACK CURRANTS & WALNUTS. Seemed kind of long winded to me but I thought, what the hell. The front of the box points out that it promotes the vitality of 5 body systems; Heart, Immunity, Bone, Digestion, and Mind. Holy Crap Batman!!! (This will be even funnier in a little bit). This must be the holy grail of breakfast cereals. I am so going to try this cereal.

So I get the box home, pour me a bowl, and slosh some whole milk over it. As I am walking back to my computer I am looking in the bowl. It doesn't look bad. The small, round, blackish/purplish things (I suppose those are the currants) are starting to stain the milk a nice shade of fucia. I suddenly wish I would have bought the Cocoa Puffs instead. You can't go wrong with chocolate milk. Ok, so I get to my computer, set the box down to look at the nutritional label and stir the contents of the bowl. It looks like something that might be healthy.

I see bits of what I strongly suspect to be walnuts. Not sure why I think that but lets roll with it. The flakes remind me of another cereal... some sort of a bran type product with 2 scoops of small sun dried fruits in it. Ok, so we have some healthy looking flakes made up of some whole grains, some round things that seems to be coloring my milk an odd shade, and some nuts. Not too bad but I don't see the granola yet - oh there it is. It is not granola clusters but actual loose stuff. I can live with this. I scoop up a mouthful of the stuff with my spoon (I don't use regular spoons but the ones that are the next size up) and shove it in. *munch* *munch* *crunch* (that was the walnuts) *munch* >gulp<

Not too bad. Good flavor, lots of texture. No funky aftertaste and it doesn't hurt my mouth (like the aforementioned grape nuts). Very nice actually. So while I am shoveling in the rest of the bowl I start reading the side of the box. Only 200 calories per serving. Say now, that's pretty good. 3.5g of fiber (2g polyunsaturated and .5g monounsaturated... no clue where the other 1g is at but whatever), nice. No cholesterol, only 125mg of sodium and it has 120mg of potassium. I am feeling good now.

Oh jeebus. 7g of fiber. That's 26% of what a person needs each day
(Remember the Holy Crap Batman comment?). That's a lot for a 1 cup serving. I think I just ate about 2 servings (6 total in the box). Now as a sufferer of MS and several of it's lovely symptoms I should point out now that one of those symptoms might have something to do with the dysfunction of a certain internal organ set. Now I don't know about you but given the problems I already have you would think I eat fiber, cheese, and superglue by the gallon, pound, or whatever other measure adds up to a lot. I don't. In fact I do try to avoid that in the hopes my system will work more right, more often.

Now with the spoon halfway to my mouth I am staring at this and wondering just what the consequences are going to be. It's probably not going to be good. Ugly is the word I would choose to use at this point. I just might be taking a trip back to the health food isle I told you about in the beginning. The two seem to go hand in hand, err, uhh, hand to butt? *le sigh*

Well too late to stop now. So I finish the bowl and keep reading the box. Lots of nice stuff; 25g+ of whole grains per serving, the box is made from 100% recycled paper (minimum 80% post consumer waste), inks are soy based 100% biodegradable, plus all the other normal stuff for these people. I finish the bowl and down the rest of the milk. Sticking to the recommended serving size would be a good idea me thinks.

In case you don't know what cereal I am talking about you can click here
(<--- There, not here) to go to their website for more information. I did pick up a second box by these people but of a different type. The other one has dried strawberries in it. I like strawberries. So go check out their site and if you eat cereal try this stuff. It really is quite tasty. Of course if you really don't need a lot of fiber you might want to just go with the chocolate frosted sugar bombs.

Remember these words of wisdom (again from Calvin, who is one of my heroes btw):
When birds burp, it must taste like bugs.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet.



Denver Refashionista said...

Ummm... sounds tasty. I like mine with soy milk. I don't know if your grocery store has it but give it a try in cereal. Alone, it is less than awesome but in healthy cereal it is really good.

I will be curious how the fiber treats you. My vote is that it will be fine.

Mike said...

Don't take this the wrong way but you can't call it milk if it ain't coming out of a cow's teats(or a goat's I suppose but I've never tried goats milk). If the word soy is anywhere in the product name then we have a no-go situation.

That's like non-alcoholic beer, decaffeinated coffee, jumbo shrimp, honest politician, and so forth. You kind of get the idea here. It's the same reason McD's doesn't serve milk shakes any longer (just shakes). It is because there is no actual milk in the product.

I would agree that it is soy juice. Which does sound disgusting but lets be honest.... you can't milk a soybean anymore than you could plant a cow and expect a herd to sprout.

GypsyFox said...

I think if it's the only fiber your getting daily you should be fine, just don't add any more..Mike you are funny...I would NEVER drink alcoholic beer, empty calrioes, no buzz? decaffeinated coffee, empty calories no buzz? LOL

Mike said...

Never thought about that GypsyFox. No buzz? I mean come on now... what's the point if not the buzz, the way your hands start to shake, your heart starts to race, and your eyes looking like superballs caught in a bucket. Ahhh, there's the rub!