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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Research paper, or "What did I sign up for again?!"

* Editors note (That's me btw): This is turning our far longer than I thought it would. The fact that I have added this statement to the beginning is making it that much longer. Do not be discouraged by this. For some reason I find I am unable to stop typing and now find myself resorting to rambling on about nothing in particular whic... [SCRONNCHE!!] Conscious stepping in. The editor has been delt with for his constant blathering about nothing specific. It must be noted that this post was finished prior to his edit here. We, the Id and I, have sent the editor to his happy place to contemplate his faux pas. Should he lose track of himself again he will be delt with, in the harshest manner possible, by his Ego. Thank you for your patronage and we now return you to your regularly scheduled internet. *

I have been working on a research paper for my English Composition class. I decided to do it on (wait for it... wait for it...) Multiple Sclerosis. I have always heard you should write about what you know. The sad thing is that after gathering a good deal of information it turns out the only thing I knew for sure is that I have it and I hate giving myself shots.

On the plus side I am becoming quite knowledgeable about this insidious bastard child of mine. I have been diagnosed with RRMS which is what roughly 85% of people are diagnosed with. I feel fortunate compared to the alternatives. Of course this is not to say that my RRMS will not eventually progress to SPMS but according to what I have found this does not happen with near the frequency it did before the modern treatments came about. I like my odds. Well, to be honest if my odds were a mere 1% better than they were 50 years ago I would still like my odds. I'm crazy that way.

My paper is going to focus on primarily on the effects MS has on cognitive abilities with a side run into the issues of fatigue. I think this is of significant importance to me since I am in school. The ability to remember, recall, problem solve and all that is the first level of abilities one needs to be successful in college. I am at an immediate disadvantage. I have been told that I should go and talk to the people that are responsible for making sure people with disabilities are taken care of. To be honest I am kind of split on this.

On the one hand I don't want to view my MS as a disability (unless I can get that nifty placard that lets me park in the best spots, lol) but I have to come to terms that I am not like I was 20 years ago. There was a time that I could be told something and I had it. Now I am having to work so much harder to just squeak by that I wear myself out just studying for one class much less the three I currently have. I don't much like the idea of people feeling sorry for me. Feel sorry for that man who is out of work with a family to support. On the other side of that coin is the fact that it takes me longer to accomplish what an average student can. Can I quantify it in any meaningful way? I don't think I really can. It is one of those things that is a real bitch to measure under the best of conditions.

I guess I should head over and talk to them. Maybe there is something they can do. If not then perhaps I can start a campus organization for MS. *le sigh* Just what I need.... something else to occupy my already finite time. Between school, taking care of my dad, house chores, yard, driving time and all the incidental stuff (i.e. sleeping, eating, showering) I sometimes feel like I just don't have the time to do everything I need to focus on right now.

pfffft! pfffft! MS can kiss my fat white hiney.

At any rate I don't think I am going to be able to fit all of this information onto a scant 5-7 pages. To be honest I don't think 10 pages would be enough to do it right. I am sure my instructor will count off points for exceeding the 7 page limit. I just would not feel right leaving out any pertinent information. It's not like I am going to cover a ton of material:

- What is MS?
- Sample data relating to getting MS and who usually gets it
- Types of MS
- Symptoms (Short list)
- Fatigue and cognition issues
- How these issues affect people (Main focus/sub focus on myself as a college student)
- Treatment options (Types of drugs and delivery methods)
- Short term and long term goals

I am not sure I will put the goals portion in and I will likely only cover the therapy I am going through (Copaxone). Even stripping/pruning that info there is still a lot of information to discuss. I am not going into tremendous detail but I have to be clear enough for the average person to understand it. So far I am down to Symptoms and I have nearly 5 pages. Probably more like 4.25 when you take out the images (Images, charts and the like do not count towards the paper limit). Screw it. She is going to get a lengthy paper and by god she is going to like it.

A huge upside is that a large number of my classmates have asked for a copy of my paper when I am through so they can better understand what it is I am going through. I might even post it here (in some fashion) so you, the readers, can take a look at it. Then again maybe not. I would not want any of you to find out just how big a goofball nitwit I really am.

I guess I will work on it some more tonight but I have so much other work to do. I skipped math today so I have two sections to read up on and I still have the last of my History after 1877 study guide to complete. I have to finish that by this weekend. I have people in that class who think my study guides are da shizzle, fo shizzle, der whizzle, or whatever. They all want one now. I told them I would have to start charging $37 for each one. They didn't see the humor. They will at least pay for my copy costs. Money doesn't grow on trees you know (thanks mom!). I'm not made of money either (thanks dad!).

Ok, study time it is. Good night all and remember;

If life gives you lemonades ask for a refund or at least try to trade them in for something a little sweeter!


PS: In case you want a good laugh then pop over to Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog. You will not be at all disappointed. Go on. clicky clicky!


Denver Refashionista said...

I am a bad team player. I wouldn't give them the study guide unless they helped make it. Why should they have all the advantages when you did all the work? People who hate this attitude can throw things at me now.

Your shcool may or may not have services for you. I am a teacher and while my employer knows about my MS, they certainly have not offered me any accomodations lately. Good luck with the paper and the studying.

Mike said...

(Bottom up response)

Thank you. I doubt my school will either. Cause I am a nice guy.


BTB: Left a nice comment over at Blindbeards. Hope the humor is appreciated.