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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School, walking and people

I think I am going to address these in reverse order (why? because I can!).

I have always been a fan of the 'everyone but me sucks' theorem. Let me see if I can fully explain this. The way I see it I am always right and even more so when you are. This means in order to justify myself you have to suck therefore nullifying your rightness. By default that makes me right. If this makes sense to you then you are as whacked out as I am and welcome to my world.

Now I can explain what brought this up. I have tried to be patient, understanding, caring, thoughtful.... you get the general idea... but still certain people try to take advantage of my niceness. They assume weakness where there is none (ok, there is some but I'm always right so there!). I try to do something nice and the accusations start flying like crap at a cow chip chucking contest. A woman I know, who has been nothing but cordial with me, was in need of some help. I offered to help. A mutual friend told her I was only trying to get in her pants. wtf?!?! What makes this even worse is that she believed it. wtf?!?!(squared)

Now I not only want to punch this friend in the cooter for this lie but I want to slap the woman for believing it. I have known her for more than 6 years and never once have I even made a move in her direction so all I can say is, wtf?!?! Ok, so people suck... suck to the power of 13.

I did a 4 mile walk Saturday. That is not going to happen again any time soon. Sunday was a bad day. Monday morning I got my arse outside, at about 5am, and figured I would do a mile then work my way up from there. At the end I was tired and sore but I felt pretty good. Took my shower and went to school and was feeling really bad by about 10am. On my way home I thought I was gonna die my legs and feet hurt so bad. I decided to drive the route I walked and guess what? Turns out it was about 2.3 miles. DOH! Ok, so this morning I get up and drag myself out for my walk and decide to do the same 2.3 mile route. I don't feel near as bad right now as I did yesterday so I am guessing in a few weeks I will be ok with this distance. My dad said I should start with wind sprints. I pointed out that if my heart were to explode then he would have to clean up the mess. He said to do it outside.

I don't think I will be doing wind sprints anytime soon. Not without my ass being on fire anyway.

I finished my research paper and submitted it to the Writing Center yesterday for review. I worried about how badly they would tear it apart all last night and this morning. I picked it up and was very surprised that there was not that much wrong with it. Mainly it was comma usage, the use of 'you' and 'your' and a little bit of spelling (I blame Microsoft Word for the spelling errors. It should have caught shouuld). I made the corrections and will take it to print out in a few minutes. Then I can turn it in tomorrow and I am done. yay!

I have a history test this week that I might not do so well on. I have an algebra test next week that I feel ok about. That just leave finals. English next week then history and math the week after and then I get a break. I am looking forward to that. I think it is like a week and a half before Fall semester so I will get a chance to unwind a bit before starting my computer classes and a PhysEd class. Oh joy. The PhysEd class is 8am MoWeFr and the computer (cisco) is TuTh at 6pm. Going to be a weird schedule but I am looking forward to it.

Ok, I have been typing too long already. I am also sure I will read this later and find a ton of spelling and grammar errors to fix. I might. I might not. Don't know if I care that much yet.

Later everyone and remember this:

You can only be offended if you allow yourself to be. Suck it up and move forward.



Have Myelin? said...

"I don't think I will be doing wind sprints anytime soon. Not without my ass being on fire anyway."


Denver Refashionista said...

Now I will address this post in reverse order:) You are a good writer, of course they didn't tear your paper apart. I bet it rocks.

Stick with the excercise, it will get better. Be sure to take a break if you get overtired and it starts ruining your day.

I used to feel just like you about people. MS has taught me to judge less. I like to still think that I'm pretty fantastic but that doesn't make everyone else bad. That said, your friend and that lady suck. It's people like that who ruin it for the rest of us.

Ann said...

I can't wait to read just how well you did on your tests.

You're going to do great ;->

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog world. I'm happy to have found my way to yours.

Bubbie said...

Kudos to you for walking and going to school. My ass would need to be on fire. I Enjoy your blog, but have to disagree: most people don't just suck, they suffer from ignorance. Of course I a Queen sitting on the throne of

kmilyun said...

Remember that negative Suck Cubed Equals Awesome.

Now if I walked 2.3 miles I would be ecstatic because I was able to do but right now, I think maybe I could crawl that far. It is great that you are out there and getting some exercise!

,,,,,,, these commas are lost. Please place them somewhere . ...


Mike said...

Have Myelin?:
Yea, the sad thing I have been that way most of my life.

I used to set my expectations quite low so disappointment was rare. So much for making that change! :)

You, and everyone else, will know soon enough. Have a History test tomorrow, Math on Monday, English final next thursday and the other 2 finals 29th and 30th. wheeeee!

Pardon me then Your Majesty. I bow to the superior intellect. :O

Oh god... Now I am confused but good. If negative suck cubed = awesome then what is awesome squared divided by insane plus suck cubed?

Kelli said...

One thing I have learned since being diagnosed with MS is that don't ever think you know people. That sounds very pessimistic but the people that surprise you are the ones you never expected to care and the ones who should care, don't.
Sounds like your research paper will have great results.
Keep up the exercise. 2.4 miles. That is wonderful.