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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Short and to the point.

Don't have a lot of time today so this will be a quickie (not to be confused with the other quickie nor the local sandwich shop).

History test... I felt like I did well on it. A couple of the questions had me confused for a few minutes but I think I answered them just fine. The short answer questions were answered with short responses. Not as lengthy as Mr. Carter will like but I should get a decent amount of credit for what I wrote.

I turned in my research paper for English Comp and did my presentation on it. For those not up to speed I did it on MS and how fatigue and cognitive issues affect me as a student. It is not a long paper and could really stand to be fleshed out a lot more but for a basic paper (limited to 5-7 pages) it works. I wasn't terribly happy with the start but I finished strong. Lots of questions from both the class and my instructor. I think I gave them something to think about. I might post a copy of the paper for you folks to take a look at. I feel like I will get an A for it.

I did not walk this morning or yesterday morning. When I woke up my legs and back hurt so bad I just lay there listening to the alarm clock wail for an hour before I could get out of bed. I took a lot of aspirin to quench the nasty, eye popping, tooth-grinding headache. It helped a little. Once I got through the shower and brushing my teeth (for some reason that made my eyes hurt but I don't have a clue on that one) I felt a little better. I was still real stiff by the time I got to my first class but I am dealing. Lets see how I feel tomorrow morning before deciding if I will walk when I get up.

Found a great blog so go check it out here. It is quite the site and rather nice. Make it a regular stop, I have. I will be updating my main page to reflect a number of the blogs I have been going to regularly. Lets show some support for our fellow (is fellowette a real word?) bloggers. Lisa Emrich over at Carnival of MS Bloggers does a great job and much thanks to her. I don't know how she does it. If I can find an artist I might have to create an award of my own to give out.

Ok, need to wrap up so I can go see the new Harry Potter while I still have the strength and sanity to. I will let you fine people know it is.

Remember this important fact:
Getting struck by lightning is Mother Nature's way of saying, "Don't stand there!"

I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet!



Denver Refashionista said...

I can relate to the headaches. I take Aleve and it helps but doesn't kill it completely.

I'm glad your test went well.

Weeble Girl said...

I really enjoy your style of writing. I'm glad you posted on my blog so I could be directed to your writing. I added you to my blogroll and one of my faithful readers is now reading you, too.

Hope you enjoyed the movie and watch out for that cereal. Good luck on your paper and your test.