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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mindless drivel

I have not been able to get my mind to focus on anything worth posting. I have been doing a lot of studying for my Cisco class at school. Fun. I have sat down with the intention of posting but my mind would start to wander over a plethora of subjects. Some important, many just idle static in my mind. I thought I would put a few of them down and see how they look on the screen.

Pardon the sheer randomness.

Ideas to fix the country:

Fire all the politicians and start over. Maybe we could find some people who are interested in do the right thing instead of the politically correct thing. I would not mind putting myself out there but to be honest, I have too many skeletons in my closet and would prefer they stay there. A great many of them I am certainly not proud of. Be that as it may, the leadership we have is simply failing us. It's not just health care, but everything. I saw a story about projected deficits hitting record levels and how bad they will be over the next decade. I am honestly worried. Scratch that. I am scared. This is not a Democrat/Republican thing. We are being taken in a direction that I feel is completely counter to what our founding fathers wanted. There will be a reckoning and it's going to be ugly. Truth be told we are more like the Roman Empire in it's last 100 years of existence than the Republic we were 200 years ago.


Well, what can I say. Most of the stars/elite/whatever are just getting on my nerves. I say most because there are a few that I respect because they just seem like normal people. Of course by normal I mean not being a stuck up, snobbish, whoring, waste of human cells. I get so tired of all the Hollywood trash and their drive to be famous, instead of being people. The poor girl that was killed by her husband, the reality star, is just another example of the excess that tinsel-town has created. Everything is about getting that 15 minutes of fame and there is no concern, at all, given to the possible consequences. What is truly sad about this case, and the hundreds or thousands like it, is that it did not have to happen. To hell with the fact this woman is dead. Forget the fact her family has lost a loved one. Lets turn it in to some kind of entertainment. Mark my words, there will be some kind of new reality show about the dangers of reality shows. I think my money will be channeled far less to the west coast of this country.

Multiple Sclerosis:

I could speak volumes on this topic. Most of you already know about it so I choose not to. I can tell you I have been dealing with some stiffness in my right side, headaches, and a familiar blurring of my vision (Still no word back from my insurance company yet. Not at all surprised!).


Yea. This is still a problem. I did about 45 minutes of tennis on Monday. Well, I can't really call it tennis. It was more like my classmate and I chasing down errant shots or watching the balls fly off in some random direction. I did a lot of moving. And sweating. And I felt better for it; at least until I woke up this morning. Can you say stiff, and sore, and tired. It also might have had something to do with me mowing the lawn after I got home yesterday but whatever. That chore is at least done. I am feeling really tired but I have to push through. Just like I did before I was diagnosed. Why? Because I have to. Tomorrow morning is my 2 mile walk. Lets see how that works out.


It's tight as hell. The $218 speeding ticket did not help (Yes, I was speeding. It was my fault. It does not mean I am happy about the cost.) my situation. I had to order more of my insulin the other day. That's another $70. My car insurance payment is due. $75 more. My health insurance is due in a week. There goes another $128. This is, by far, the biggest stressor in my life right now. There are no decent jobs available in the area. Makes it hard to consider options to be quite honest. Oh well, life goes on.

I guess that is all for now. I need to go run an errand for my dad. I might head in to school early today (My Tue/Thur class is at 6pm) and look into what classes I have left for my degree. Maybe I will double up next semester to try to graduate early. meh. Pipe dream.

I try to read through the blogs I follow every day (That doesn't hapen all the time either). I may not be commenting but I am still lurking. So on that happy note, I hope everyone is doing well and I will see you soonish.



Denver Refashionista said...

I think you covered it pretty well.

You're right, you don't have to explain MS. I feel like I have been run over physically and emotionally but my optomism still shines.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, great ramblings. Love hearing uncensored what the mind blows out. Hollywood--what happened to it being about ACTING, yes, an autual ART once. People once did it for pennies, starving artist et al, now we schmucks pay expensive movie ticket prices and "actors" get ba ba ba billionaire rich--it sux. WE the consumer are partially responsible. (Darn me---I love movies) MS--you are a newbie, no worries, you will be OK. Yes, good days and bad, but what's new about that? Your going to school is best thing you can do. PLUS! Now you are a MS blogger! Woo hoo!

Have Myelin? said...

You covered life and all that goes with it very well. I agree with you on the health care, MS, Hollywood- are they not actors instead of 'talking heads' on every issue in the world, and hey, hey, hey while I'm on the subject who made *them* the EXPERT on every issue anyway?

And why do we care what Hollywood thinks about politics? Certainly they are entitled to their opinion but telling me what to think is NOT going to change my opinion! If anything it will steer me away since I will wonder if some of those cocaine-laced dollar bills influenced their thoughts.

In short- I make my own decisions, not because some movie star told me how to think.