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Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm still alive

Ok, for those of you that semi-sorta-kinda-maybe keep up with my blog you might have noticed a decided lack of them lately. Yea, my bad!

Things have been a little crazy here. The last couple of weeks have been filled with tests, paper to write, studying for my written final and my skills final. Oh, all of those are for my computer class at school. In case you are wondering, 98 on the written final. I still don't know what I got on the skills final, but I feel like I did really well. I am sure I will pull an A for this class.

Oh, it is an A-term class. That's why all of that.

On a very related note, i am working on moving my blog. I have registered a domain and all that good stuff. I have been working on setting up the sub-domain for my blog as well as the blog itself. If any of you want to know then Google blog creation software and take a look. There is a ton out there. I think I have settled on Wordpress. The only problem is I do not think the service I am using supports it with the configuration I bought (Lucky me). I am looking at a couple of different options but the reality is that it will be a bit before I can get it up and running. Rest assured, I will and all of my *cough* loyal *cough* readers will benefit from it.

So what else..... the MS seems to have gone in to hiding. This, despite the fact in my PhysEd class I am going like gangbusters. Go figure. I'm not complaining mind you, just a wee bit surprised is all. When I was younger there was a time I could bench almost 300 pounds and leg press nearly 600. That was also a long time ago. In PhysEd I decided to push the bench thing and found that my upper body is way weaker than I thought.

As a matter of habit now, after I complete my daily required rotation I go back and do some more stuff on the upper body. Usually about 3 machines, two sets on each. I try to push it just to see. I think there has been some payoff but it is hard to tell sometimes. May be the MS is being a butt-head and making things harder one day and not the next. meh. The instructor is being very supportive. I like that.

As for the leg presses. I really pushed myself on that one. Wednesday I did three sets of 10 at 370 pounds. My legs were complaining a wee bit after class. I can tell you for sure that when I woke up Thursday morning they were in outright rebellion. It took me about 30 minutes to convince them to be more cooperative. It's all good now.

Coach, the instructor, told us Wednesday that come next Friday (the 16th) we are going to have to run a mile. Prepare for cardiac explosion. She did say that we will have 12 minutes to do it, since she knows there are some that will not be able to run the whole mile. Yea, I'm still gonna fall out... maybe fake a coronary or something. That should be fun.

So what else. Nothing else really to cover. So I guess that's it.

Heck. Does anyone have any questions? Thoughts? Concerns?

So I am off for now. I hope to have something more definitive by the end of this month, in regards to my blog move. I will update you folks on that as soon as I know something.

Later taters!

PS: Almost forgot. As of about an hour ago I am down to 304. so close to getting into the 200's again. 275 is my goal right now so I am only 29 pounds away.

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Have Myelin? said...

I need to get off my friggin' behind and start doing something. I did contact the MS Chapter and said " yo-ga"? How's that for starters? =)

But wowzie, good job.