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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Then and now....

I have been thinking.

I know..... shocking, isn't it?

I was feeling reflective again. No, not that kind of reflective. I was just thinking about where I am, where I've been, and the obligatory where I'm going. I do that a lot lately. Like school, being one of the 'now' things. The computer class is going ok but I am really having to work at it. Kind of makes me wonder like the next two will be like. meh. I signed up for it so no complaining allowed. That brings me to my other class this semester.

PhysEd. That is becoming quite the four letter word to me. The workouts are taking longer and longer to recover from. The pain is becoming more and more constant. The numbness in my feet and toes is becoming more persistent. That tells me something is wrong, but I want to finish the class. The instructor left me a note inquiring as to why I have not been doing the abs workouts at the end of class. I have not responded yet. I have the feeling that if I tell her the truth then that might result in bad things. Well, more bad things than are already happening. I guess I will talk with her next week. Hopefully things will be better for the last 3 weeks of class.

With that being said I was browsing the internet the other day and came across a story about Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It was some listing for an upcoming concert (8 hours from me, I checked). It reminded me of the first concert I ever attended. Care to guess who it was?

Yup. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with Red Ryder opening for them. We really didn't pay much attention to the opening act. My buddy and I had tickets but they were as far away from the stage as could be while still being inside the civic center. We chatted while Red Ryder played, munched on snacks and sipped at our drinks. When the opening act was done they swapped out the stage.... the lights dimmed as Joan and her group took the stage. They started playing as Joan started the standard glad to be here stuff.

My buddy and I looked at one another and without saying a word jumped up and headed towards the stage, at the other end of the civic center, at a dead run. Just when we got to the stage they broke into "Bad Reputation". The concert was an absolute blast, for a variety of reasons. It was at that moment that I fell in love with Joan Jett. Come on, a rocker chick that looked great doing it. What teenage boy didn't fall in love with her. To this day I am still a huge fan and for the record she still looks great).

Music was such an integral part of our lives in the late 70's and early 80's. That time period produced a large amount of music that spanned an enormous, and highly varied, appetite. It was all there and most every taste was satiated in some fashion. For me it was a little bit of everything. Stuff ranging from Boy George (yes, I said that right) to Judas Priest. I managed to find something that i liked in just about every category. I kept an open mind about it. My mom taught me that.

But then there was Joan Jett. Yes, as I have mentioned, she was a rocker chick. But it was far more than that. The music was a blend if a lot of styles that just seemed to grab me by the head and make me listen. Her voice was different. Honestly, it was sexy and strong all at the same time. Alluring, yet rough and forceful. It was like a feather one moment and a hammer the next, but always at the right time and in the right amount. For the love of all that is holy and right, it is Joan Jett!

Ok, I think you get my point there. But what in the name of the 6th level of Hades does it have to do with anything? A moment of reminiscing is all. A fond memory from by life that I wanted to share. A reminder that not everything in my life has been, or will be, bad. I should be thankful for those times. At least that can never be taken away from me.

Rock on Joan! Rock on!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet.

PS: I downloaded "Fit To Be Tied" (JJBH Greatest Hits) to my computer. Bad Reputation is as great today as it was back then. Later taters!


Denver Refashionista said...

Tell your teacher. The law protects you. Actually, under the law she has to make "resonable accomodations" for you. She also has to keep it confidential so do yourself a favor and tell the teacher so you can get through the class.

Have Myelin? said...

When do your devoted readers get an update? =)