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Monday, March 15, 2010

The taxman cometh!

One month and your taxes must be filed. Unless, that is, you plan to file for an extension. I already have both my state and federal refunds back. My dad finally got all of his stuff so I dropped it off, to be done, this morning. I hope he gets something back this year. Hell, I hope he breaks even but we shall see.

The reason I mentioned that is, well, I don't really know. My mind tends to work in spurts anymore. I have taken, as of late, to just writing down whatever pops in to my head. I am truly afraid that if I don't then I will never think of it again. I know that is not absolute fact but this MS collar worries me at times. I will let you in on a secret. The other day it took me several minutes to remember that I needed to shave, while I was standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. The razor never got wet, if you must know.

So back to taxes. I was thinking about the state of things while I was filling out my 1040-EZ. Where do my tax dollars go? Well, not so much mine as I am still drawing unemployment while I attend school. Wait, yes mine since they withhold both state and federal from my pittance.

Ok, focus. Breath in through the nose..... out through the mouth.

Ok. Where do our tax dollars really go. Well it is a complicated issue that I am not going to clutter up with verifiable facts. That would just make for a boring read. If you are really desperate for that info I am sure you can find it all from various online resources.

I think what makes me so angry, about our tax system for purposes of this discussion, is that some fat-cat politico in Washington managed to get his hands in my pockets to take about 25% of what I worked for. Nancy Pelosi did not pull a single 12 hour night shift for me. Hell, she very likely doesn't even know that Cooper closed their plant here resulting in the layoff of somewhere around 2200 people. Despite this she still got a chunk of change out of my wallet. I do not recall Harry Reid ever loading a creel for me (Ask me sometime and I will describe, in painstaking detail no less, exactly how horrible of a job that was). Somehow, he still managed to pull money out of my bank account for his own nefarious needs.

All in all, they mugged me. No, they didn't stick a gun in my face and all that but it's still the same thing. Actually, I probably would not feel so bad if Barney Franks actually held me up. At least then I could say, with a straight face, that he worked for what he got. At the end of the day I still feel violated. Hells bells people, I didn't even get a reach around for my troubles. I am fairly certain that if I had feelings they would be seriously compromised right about now.

So they took my money and, in all likelihood, some of yours as well. Don't you wonder where it goes? Yea, there is the obvious places; Defense, government salaries, Social Security, blah, blah, freakin' blah.

By the way!

I saw a story today that the Social Security Administration is going to start calling in those I.O.U.'s our leaders have been giving them. That should be a fun. One, broke, government agency trying to collect from another broke government agency. Oh what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at those meetings.

We are also aware of the all the wasted spending that goes on. Pork barrel is the right phrase. Money wasted on stuff just because... Oh sure, our Representatives and Senators tell us it's to help their constituents but the cold hard reality is that they use it as a tool for reelection. It is the most obvious form of wealth redistribution there is. So because stupidity like this is allowed to continue the people in Alaska get part of my paycheck to start building a bridge to an island with three people on it. Yay! That sure helps me out, how about you?! Personally, I think it would have been far cheaper to just relocate the people off the island.... or perhaps just euthanize them for being dumb enough to move to the island in the first place.

Anyway, the problem is that they want more of our money. Yes, I know, President *Stalin* Obama said he would not raise our taxes. But then how does he expect he is going to pay for this alleged health care reform, all the bailouts for the people who don't really need it, as well as the fact that they are now saying that the special deals for Kansas and Louisiana may be extended to the rest of the country? All the aid he has promised also needs to be paid for, unemployment extensions, cash for clunkers...... Oh, and as I mentioned earlier, the fact that some really huge I.O.U.'s are about to be called in. Hey, lest we should forget all the other special deals, backroom shenanigans, and what not that continues to go on.

So everyone should stock up on the KY and prepare to assume the position. The best we can hope for is maybe we will get dinner first but the bleak reality is that we won't be able to afford the KY much less have time to use it.

So in closing, my fellow Americans.

We need to return to our roots, to a simpler time. One where people still believed in taking care of themselves, helping their neighbors when times were tough, and not waiting for a handout from the government.

We need to remember that we must be self-sufficient, willing to make the tough choices, and in the end.... accept responsibility for ourselves. Personal and fiscal responsibility are more than talking points, despite what our leaders suggest.

A nation is strong because of the citizens and not because of the officials they elect. They, the politicians, are stewards and have ceased being responsible to the nation.

No, instead they have become short-sighted, narrow-minded, consumers of our liberties, our efforts, and our lives. They believe themselves above us, better than us, more knowledgeable of individual needs.

They no longer care for the people of this great nation. It is for this reason that the account must be called due in full. If they are unable to listen then they are inept. If they are unwilling to listen then they are fools. In either case they must be replaced.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying:

"We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate."

If we do not place ourselves within the process then we can not change what is broken. We are fast approaching the edge. Do you have the courage to be part of the solution?

Just something to think about.


kmilyun said...

Well one place the tax dollars do not go is the USPS - thank goodness! Or I would have to revolt!

Mike said...

Actually..... the USPS borrows money every year to stay afloat. I recall reading a report that it is on the order of 8 to 10 billion. I also recall reading another report that said there is a limit in how much they can borrow, in total, but Congress keeps changing the amount so they can keep borrowing. Sad isn't it?

Have Myelin? said...

Like I said the other day I am now a bleeding heart Libertarian but unfortunately I can't afford to be one. :-<

I am with you all the way.

Have Myelin? said...

*bump* Time for another post.

Just saying! =)