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Monday, August 30, 2010

I have been absent.....

First, let me apologize for the lengthy delays between posts. It seems many facets of my real life have grouped together and are, at present, conspiring against me. As a result, very little of my time is spent doing many of the things, online, I really enjoy. meh.

Lets play catch up, shall we?

Fall semester has started with a bang. I spent more than three hours standing in line to get my books. It must be pointed out that at least 2 hours of it was spent standing in the hot Georgia sunshine. I was sweating like a pig and by the time I was done I really just wanted to lay down and die. The heat took its toll and I bet it took me a week to fully recover from that experience. Assuming everything works out right this will be my last semester,

As far as school goes, I have a heavy load this semester but I will push through it. The computer classes (Network+, Server 2008 Administration, and Networking Infrastructure [B Term]) are information filled balls of stress. Yay me! (With all credit for that comment going to London Tipton) I am having to take a second history class, which I almost did not get in to, because the first one I took was used as part of my college prep course requirement, whihc I did not find out about until my graduation audit was sent to me.

Do ya think I should have been informed about that requirement when I enrolled?

Never mind the fact I have not been in high school since the mid 80's. Oh well, I got in and the one bright shining part of the whole deal was that I have no Friday classes.

So, we are a couple weeks in to the semester and I bet you are wondering how things are going. Splendidly. Fantastic. Wonderful.

Could ya pick up on the sarcasm there? Thought so.

Not that it is going bad, cause it's not, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. A lot of it has to do with my dad I think. That is a post for another time. So could school be going any better? Sure. Is there anything I can do to change it at all? not really. Should I keep worrying about it? Certainly not.

I just need to relax and let go of the things that are out of my control and focus on the important stuff.

I got a call from the NMSS a few weeks ago. They wanted to ask me a few questions about my diagnosis, problems I had getting diagnosed, and my general thoughts on assistance, financial and medical, for patients today. I gave them my two cents on the subjects. Then the young lady i was specking to asked what they could do to better help the community. I told her the one thing they should be doing is finding ways to support the online community. Bloggers, information websites, and those people who, every day, lay themselves out to the world and let people know they are not alone and a MS diagnosis is not the end of the world.

Like I told her, if it wasn't for the support of the community I found I am not sure how well I would have made the adjustment from newly diagnosed to normal (ok, I know normal is a stretch for me but cut me some clack on this one point) life again. It is not the medical professionals that are doing a lot of the community based work but the average person. Someone that has MS or has a loved one or close friend with it. These are the people that every day do what the medical community as a whole is unable, or unwilling, to do.

Perhaps that is a symptom of the problems with the health care industry as a whole, I just don't know. What I do know is that I have been fortunate to speak to people about my disease and, if nothing else, gave them resources they did not get from their doctor. In a similar fashion to the help I got when I found my first MS blog.

These are the people that deserve the support of the NMSS. These are the people that are making a difference, every day, not only in their lives but the lives of everyone they touch.

Ok, feel free to take a moment to dab that tear from the corner of your eye. Done? So anyway, don't think for a moment that I have forgotten about anyone, because I have not. Life just has a funny way of being not-so-simple-as-we-would-like at times.

In the final analysis, it is what it is. Deal with it and keep looking forward.

Can we really afford to do anything else?

Ok, off to work on home work. Two chapters to read and about 8-10 hours of lecture video to start reviewing.

Later taters!!