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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well not really but it sure sounds good.

So how is everyone? Good, good. Glad to hear you are all still alive and kicking. I truly hope that things are going better for you now than they were this time last month.

In my case, not too bad and not too good. I seem to be waking up every day. I would say every morning but that would be a lie. It seems that I am having the worst time trying to sleep. Like last night, I think I might have gotten three hours of sleep. That seems to be the norm for me. The weather has a lot to do with it.

Rainy and cold. Rainy and cool. Cold and sunny. Cool and cloudy. Overcast and cold.

Get the idea? Yes, I thought so. The weather is playing total hell with my system and it makes me feel, well, not good. It's not that I feel bad so much but I don't feel good. It's an MS thing me thinks.

Of course, the stress of dealing with the after effects of dad's passing, school issues, and trying to find work is not helping me at all. I have been reminded that it could always be worse. I point out that it could always be better as well.

As if things weren't strange enough already, my 45th birthday is next month. The 3rd of February to be precise so it's really not that far off. Yay, I turn another year older. I think I really stopped looking forward to my birthday about six or seven years ago. I don't like be reminded, for an entire day no less, that I am getting old(er). It would be preferable to stay inside my little bubble of denial for as long as possible. At least on this one point.

All things Multiple Sclerosis. Sucks. 'nuff said.

I signed up for my local MS Walk for this year. Now comes the really strange part. I know when it will be, I just don't know where. The information I got, after signing up, did not way where it would be. I looked over both the NMSS web site and the MS Walk website and can not find anything. I sent a few emails but I am yet to hear anything back. I know where it has been held the last few years but I don't wish to assume it will be there again.

We all know what happens when one "assumes" something.

As the date gets closer I anticipate a flood of emails reminding me and I am sure one, or more, of them will gladly inform me of the location of the event. I am quite positive they would be greatly saddened if I did not make an appearance for the cause. Worst case scenario is that the morning of the walk I will drive around to the obvious places and maybe stumble across it.

Well, that is all I have for today. A rather boring read but I needed to post something. Anything really.

Take care everyone and don't forget to hug you dust bunnies today.

Dust bunnies need love to!

Toodles all!!



Webster said...

Mike, sorry to hear that you've been feeling, dare I say it, under the weather. The weather you describe is exactly the weather I have up here in Tacoma, WA. Though I've lived in WA all my life, it seems I enjoy our Winters less and less as my MS does its thing. Oh well, what can one do?

It's too bad your NMSS chapter doesn't seem to have it together re: the walk. No reply after several e-mails is unacceptable. But, as you say, there's time, and if you don't send them any more information, they'll be sure to send dome to you. Good luck.

Have Myelin? said...

Hello, is anybody home? =)

AND BRRRrrr...

m.e. said...

Hello Mike I just stumbled on your blog and really like it. I have MS as well, diagnosed in 2001. I will be checking back regularly to see how you are doing. Thanks for the great read! Maria

Have Myelin? said...

Mike, where are you?