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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Job search? Don't you mean disappointment hell?

Well it has been some time since I posted anything. To be totally honest, as if I am ever anything but that, life has been dragging me down into the bowels of something approaching hell. Oh where to start.....

Health is sucking. Between the diabetes and the MS I am not sure which one will kill me first. They seem to be battling one another for dominance and the war is a back and forth affair that leaves me feeling like roadkill on a summertime south Georgia highway.

The meager wages I do get is just enough to keep gas in, and insurance on, the truck (which Ford will likely take back in a few months anyway), the homeowners insurance paid and the lights on. I did go to a clinic last month and qualified for some stuff but I don't have the money to pay for the $25 office visit much less anything else (oh you know, like groceries for example).

I was fortunate that my brother and his wife helped me out with some necessities and a church friend of theirs gave me a ton of stuff. All that is pretty much used up. I have coffee and toilet paper so all is not lost..... yet.

As the title to this post suggests things are not very promising with the job search. I have spoken to a few people outside of my area (Indiana, Colorado (Yes Sherry, I saw your comment), Florida, and Oregon (Hey! I wasn't going to dismiss ANY opportunity that knocked) but so far I have been getting the same thing from all of them; If you could move to the area we could help you find a job so call us when you get here.

Ummm, guys (and one gal)? If I have the kind of money it will take to move I am pretty sure I would not be looking for a job outside of my area! I don't whether to laugh or cry.

I am really getting fed up with the Great Job Hunt. It is not an expedition I enjoy being on. It is rather odd though. I am sick and I want to work but can't find a job. I don't qualify for assistance of ANY sort (and admittedly it has been more than a couple months since I applied so who knows). I really don't want to have this discussion right now. It just pisses me off something fierce.

Oh, I guess this is all part of that "Change" we were told about a few years ago. No jobs, no help, no hope. Yea, that's change alright but not the kind we so desperately need(ed).

Ok, this just hit me. I know why they still call themselves MTV. It actually now stands for Mindless Television.

So what am I to do? I really do not know. I have really reached the end of my rope. My nerves are frazzled, my hopes are crushed, and my desire to be a productive member of society is slowly shrinking in to a miniature black hole of despair.

If anyone has any ideas I am open to hearing them. Well, as long as it doesn't involve moving to Alaska, New jersey, or Michigan. No matter how badly I want a job there are just some places that I can not bring myself to live.

Ok, I just wanted to post something since it has been about two months since the last one. Hopefully I will have some more to say soon (Of course, since my internet at home as been disconnected due to them getting no money from me) that depends on me having my laptop somewhere I can leach a connection.

Laters everyone!!!