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Patsy Cline is still one of my favorite artists and
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Starting a new chapter

It's June. 


Ok, perhaps a bit too much but still.....

Time for a huge update.  I have left Georgia.  I got tired of not being able to find real work and also of the friendly suggestions that I should go on welfare and food stamps and what not.  I want to work.  I want to be a productive member of society while I still can.  I understand that between the MS and the diabetes there will come a time when I am not able to work and then must depend on government, as well as private, resources.  Until then I want to work.

Now you may be wondering where it is I moved to.  Let me start by saying that I have two wonderful friends who offered to take me in and help me get back on my feet.  I have known them for many years and they have been after me for some time to relocate.  I had been putting it off but I just could not any longer.  Despite what I wanted it seems life made a totally different set of plans.

With that being said I have moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire so to speak.  It's not terribly bad out here, heat-wise, but it will take some getting used to.  I will not be out in the mid to late afternoon during the summer time here, that is for sure.  It's already getting stupid hot.  Enough of that though.  I have already had more job interviews performed than I have had in the last six months back in Georgia, not to mention more interviews set up in less than a week of being here than I have had in nine months.

Lots of opportunity here.  Lots of really wonderful people.  I have found a coffee shop that is really great, met a bunch of people who are really great, and been introduced to a new life. 

I am looking at this as a new chapter in my life; a new adventure.  I think I really needed to make a radical change in my life to jump start things.  Not a whole lot more radical than moving cross-country but there it is. 

I am sitting at the coffee shop right now typing this blog post.  Listening to some great music, sipping a nice chilled coffee, looking forward to what the future has to offer for the first time in a long time, and really excited about life once again.  I suppose if I had realized how great this would be for me, emotionally as well as spiritually, I would have done this a long time ago.

The coffee shop is having trivia tonight.  I think I need to go get my brain in gear because I think I am going to play.  Should be a blast.

Take care folks and until next time remember to smile.  That way people will think you are up to something!!!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

First just let me get this out of the way. Ro all moms everywhere, Happy Mothers Day.

To borrow from my own Facebook post, if you still have your mom then be sure to tell her you love her. Time is a fickle lady and no one know what tomorrow will bring.

Ok, so where are we these days? Politics are still insane (and coming from my perspective that is saying something), Hollywood is, well, Hollywood. I did read something interesting on that topic.

It seems Jennie Garth has a reality show (ok, who doesn't these days??). Apparently her husband left her and she is a little emotional about it. Well, more than a little if the story I read is even partially true.

So she spoke to her therapist about this. She says she she is angry that she was not enough for her ex-husband.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't watch the show. I am just going by what I read.

She has every right to be angry but not so much for the reasons she thinks. She should be upset about the end of the relationship. That is normal and perfectly understandable. It is ok to question what did, and did not, happen. This will help her understand what failings she may have had that led to the divorce (I stress the word 'may' here. Since I know nothin about her relationship with her ex then I am not able to rationally assume anything.).

I believe that the one place she is wrong is to mistakenly believe that she was not enough for him. True love requires you to accept those things you don't like about your significant other. There should also be open communication. I would go out on a limb and say this was not the case on both counts.

Of course, maybe she was just too good for him? Either way, I feel bad about the situation but she should not blame herself. Pick up the pieces, learn from it, then face the front and move forward. I wish her the best.


The touchy-feely moment is over. Everyone have a wonderful day with your moms.

Peace out!!

PS: This was all typed on my iPhone. The grammatical errors will just have to stand.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still kicking (and screaming!)

Well, well, well.  I have been absent much longer than I thought.  I would like to say April snuck up on me but that would mean that March and February both did as well.  I think we can all agree that is not a very likely idea.  Truth be known, I just lost track of time and did not really give this blog any more thought than pretty much anything else.

Let’s see, what to start with. 

Still looking for full time work... actually, any work.  The job market here really sucks.  The few local resumes I have sent out do not get any response and the vast majority of those sent out nationally get not much more attention.  Occasionally, I get the "Thank you for applying.  We have reviewed your qualifications, and while impressive, we have decided to go with another candidate." type of response.  I can't say I blame them totally.  Why consider an out of state candidate when there are local people applying for the same job.  It makes sense, though truly I am more than a little peeved since that does not pay the bills. 

I am starting my own computer repair business so maybe that ill pan out a little better.  The target audience I am aiming at will be home users and small businesses.  These two groups I know I can be successful with.  Down the road I might start leaning towards larger business but I don’t want to over-extend myself at the start.  In the IT world reputation is critical.  Oddly, in the business world it is even more so.

What else…. My girlfriend and I broke up.  It hurt.  It’s done.  We still talk every now and again and do so in an adult, civil, way.  As corny as this may sound, at least we are still friends.  She is a really sweet woman who deserves, just like I do mind you, to be happy.  Friendship is the basis for any relationship and if we can be nothing but friends, then I don’t really see how either of us could lose. 

Health?  Still horrible.  Options?  Still few and far between.  I really should go down and reapply for welfare and assistance.  I had my fill of those folks last year but I can’t keep putting it off.  If, by the end of April, I have not gotten anything worked out I will go back down and fill out the bloody paperwork again.  Fingers crossed!

I really wanted to get in to some politics today but my heart is just not in it.  I am honestly sick and tired of it all.  When a tory comes on the tv or radio I start feeling ill.  Physically ill.  All of this crap they all keep spouting is not doing this country or its citizens any good.  I would be foolish to think it wasn’t doing more harm in fact.  I encourage all of you to get involved, no matter what your political leanings might be.   It is not enough to get out and vote.  We need to encourage, no, that is not the right word… we need to demand that our elected officials engage in civil discourse not only amongst themselves but with us as well.  They are supposed to be representing us but I just don’t see it.  I see quite a bit of bickering and grandstanding but very little of anything approaching leadership.
I suppose it is easy enough to blame Nero for Rome burning to the ground but think about it a moment… the Roman citizens allowed it to get to that point.  Are we really any less culpable in the current climate?  I don’t think so.  In a few centuries people will look back at this time in one of two ways.  It will be labeled as the beginning of the end or the beginning of true change to better things.
For those of you with kids, or know someone with kids, or plan to have kids (You get the idea there) then you really need to ask yourself what you want to leave for the coming generations.  It will take more than a couple of us… it will take all of us.

Ok, off the soapbox.  So, for those of you still here, thank you for stopping by.   Take care of yourselves and remember this; Smile all the time.  It doesn’t hurt anything.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012

I am glad, in a lot of ways, to see 2011 behind me but I am not totally thrilled to see the start of 2012.  My job hunt is not going well, my MS is being particularly difficult, my diabetes is out of control, I have no vehicle, very little money, and to top it all off I am sinking into a rather glorious depression. 

Of course, if the Mayans had it right I only have about 11 months of this crap to deal with with.

The reality is that the start of this year is by far the worst start to any year for me thus far.  Yes, I am wallowing in self pity, feeling sorry for myself, and pretty much any other cliche you can think up.  It's about all I have left.

I still have some friends who are pretty good about checking in on me, trying to keep my spirits up and all that.  Many thanks to them.  I am not sure how I could deal with all this stress without them being there to provide me with boat loads of support.  Thanks!! You know who you are.

I still smoke.  Well, when I have the money to buy them but I have still not started up with the drinking (again).  Sure, every now and again (read: Once every 2-3 months) I might drink a beer or have a glass of wine but I really just don't want to give up the smokes.  With everything else wrong with me I figure the smokes aren't going to be that much worse for me.  meh.

My head hurts right now.  It feels like someone kicked me in the back of the head with a pair of steel toed boots.  I am going to wrap up what I am working on and head to the house.  Maybe I will post more tomorrow and maybe not.  Depends on how I feel.

Later all!!