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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012

I am glad, in a lot of ways, to see 2011 behind me but I am not totally thrilled to see the start of 2012.  My job hunt is not going well, my MS is being particularly difficult, my diabetes is out of control, I have no vehicle, very little money, and to top it all off I am sinking into a rather glorious depression. 

Of course, if the Mayans had it right I only have about 11 months of this crap to deal with with.

The reality is that the start of this year is by far the worst start to any year for me thus far.  Yes, I am wallowing in self pity, feeling sorry for myself, and pretty much any other cliche you can think up.  It's about all I have left.

I still have some friends who are pretty good about checking in on me, trying to keep my spirits up and all that.  Many thanks to them.  I am not sure how I could deal with all this stress without them being there to provide me with boat loads of support.  Thanks!! You know who you are.

I still smoke.  Well, when I have the money to buy them but I have still not started up with the drinking (again).  Sure, every now and again (read: Once every 2-3 months) I might drink a beer or have a glass of wine but I really just don't want to give up the smokes.  With everything else wrong with me I figure the smokes aren't going to be that much worse for me.  meh.

My head hurts right now.  It feels like someone kicked me in the back of the head with a pair of steel toed boots.  I am going to wrap up what I am working on and head to the house.  Maybe I will post more tomorrow and maybe not.  Depends on how I feel.

Later all!!

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