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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still kicking (and screaming!)

Well, well, well.  I have been absent much longer than I thought.  I would like to say April snuck up on me but that would mean that March and February both did as well.  I think we can all agree that is not a very likely idea.  Truth be known, I just lost track of time and did not really give this blog any more thought than pretty much anything else.

Let’s see, what to start with. 

Still looking for full time work... actually, any work.  The job market here really sucks.  The few local resumes I have sent out do not get any response and the vast majority of those sent out nationally get not much more attention.  Occasionally, I get the "Thank you for applying.  We have reviewed your qualifications, and while impressive, we have decided to go with another candidate." type of response.  I can't say I blame them totally.  Why consider an out of state candidate when there are local people applying for the same job.  It makes sense, though truly I am more than a little peeved since that does not pay the bills. 

I am starting my own computer repair business so maybe that ill pan out a little better.  The target audience I am aiming at will be home users and small businesses.  These two groups I know I can be successful with.  Down the road I might start leaning towards larger business but I don’t want to over-extend myself at the start.  In the IT world reputation is critical.  Oddly, in the business world it is even more so.

What else…. My girlfriend and I broke up.  It hurt.  It’s done.  We still talk every now and again and do so in an adult, civil, way.  As corny as this may sound, at least we are still friends.  She is a really sweet woman who deserves, just like I do mind you, to be happy.  Friendship is the basis for any relationship and if we can be nothing but friends, then I don’t really see how either of us could lose. 

Health?  Still horrible.  Options?  Still few and far between.  I really should go down and reapply for welfare and assistance.  I had my fill of those folks last year but I can’t keep putting it off.  If, by the end of April, I have not gotten anything worked out I will go back down and fill out the bloody paperwork again.  Fingers crossed!

I really wanted to get in to some politics today but my heart is just not in it.  I am honestly sick and tired of it all.  When a tory comes on the tv or radio I start feeling ill.  Physically ill.  All of this crap they all keep spouting is not doing this country or its citizens any good.  I would be foolish to think it wasn’t doing more harm in fact.  I encourage all of you to get involved, no matter what your political leanings might be.   It is not enough to get out and vote.  We need to encourage, no, that is not the right word… we need to demand that our elected officials engage in civil discourse not only amongst themselves but with us as well.  They are supposed to be representing us but I just don’t see it.  I see quite a bit of bickering and grandstanding but very little of anything approaching leadership.
I suppose it is easy enough to blame Nero for Rome burning to the ground but think about it a moment… the Roman citizens allowed it to get to that point.  Are we really any less culpable in the current climate?  I don’t think so.  In a few centuries people will look back at this time in one of two ways.  It will be labeled as the beginning of the end or the beginning of true change to better things.
For those of you with kids, or know someone with kids, or plan to have kids (You get the idea there) then you really need to ask yourself what you want to leave for the coming generations.  It will take more than a couple of us… it will take all of us.

Ok, off the soapbox.  So, for those of you still here, thank you for stopping by.   Take care of yourselves and remember this; Smile all the time.  It doesn’t hurt anything.


Webster said...

Best of luck on your job search, and in lieu of that, on starting your own IT business. Sorry about the break-up, but these things happen. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy reading your blog, good luck for everything :)