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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

First just let me get this out of the way. Ro all moms everywhere, Happy Mothers Day.

To borrow from my own Facebook post, if you still have your mom then be sure to tell her you love her. Time is a fickle lady and no one know what tomorrow will bring.

Ok, so where are we these days? Politics are still insane (and coming from my perspective that is saying something), Hollywood is, well, Hollywood. I did read something interesting on that topic.

It seems Jennie Garth has a reality show (ok, who doesn't these days??). Apparently her husband left her and she is a little emotional about it. Well, more than a little if the story I read is even partially true.

So she spoke to her therapist about this. She says she she is angry that she was not enough for her ex-husband.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't watch the show. I am just going by what I read.

She has every right to be angry but not so much for the reasons she thinks. She should be upset about the end of the relationship. That is normal and perfectly understandable. It is ok to question what did, and did not, happen. This will help her understand what failings she may have had that led to the divorce (I stress the word 'may' here. Since I know nothin about her relationship with her ex then I am not able to rationally assume anything.).

I believe that the one place she is wrong is to mistakenly believe that she was not enough for him. True love requires you to accept those things you don't like about your significant other. There should also be open communication. I would go out on a limb and say this was not the case on both counts.

Of course, maybe she was just too good for him? Either way, I feel bad about the situation but she should not blame herself. Pick up the pieces, learn from it, then face the front and move forward. I wish her the best.


The touchy-feely moment is over. Everyone have a wonderful day with your moms.

Peace out!!

PS: This was all typed on my iPhone. The grammatical errors will just have to stand.

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